2022年1月11日 Kohshow Sugiyama初のインストゥルメンタル「Urban Waltz / 三拍子の街」がリリースされました。


こちらはアルバム「Urban Waltz(予定)」から先行リリースとなります。

KOHSHOW releases “Urban Waltz”

KOHSHOW – Urban Waltz

KOHSHOW(Kohshow Sugiyama) made his debut in 1983 with the world-famous musical “The Sound of Music” in Japan. He started his career as a professional musician after that. The first few years he was a session musician for several famous singers. In 1990 he was the music director and played the piano at The Drifters tour of Japan and the leader of American great vocal group praised Kohshow as “Genius”.

The people who know him appreciated his value, actually he received debut offers from many major labels. But he declined all the offers because he needed enough time to make an original song satisfied. He spent 40 years, finally completed a satisfying song.

This is “Urban Waltz (The Song 070321)”. However, this song finally completed has no lyrics. He arrived at a deep awareness of singing, that is to say “Sing with the soul”. And he freed from “The act of singing with the mouth”. “Urban Waltz(The Song070321)” is no longer music but a song for him.